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Book Two in The Huntington Saga Series Novels~

Pirate Bride!

Miss Susannah Blakemore is kidnapped and sold into white slavery as payback to the Huntingtons. Will her pirate hero save her?

“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution.

Only … one was not thought of. One was not even considered. How would anyone have guessed that a descendant of a pirate would take up his old family tradition in a mad quest to regain his bitterly lost love? The Marquess of Latham will not abide by this act of violence arranged for his precious love, but will surely save her -- will he not? And will he make her the next pirate bride?

Next? There must be a first to have a 'next'. But there was another ... centuries ago ... that still walks the halls of Stonecrest Castle.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Writer's Retreat!

So...here I am at my writer's retreat, actually connected to the internet for however many minutes it will decide to be connected.  But honestly, the only reason I've needed internet is to stay in touch with my family, because there is no phone service here.  Anyhoo...it's been actually kind of cool to be restricted from the outside world up here in the mountains of Heber City, Utah, writing to my heart's content with 20ish other writers.  It's been awesome!!  We write and write and write.  So far, I've written 7,386 words that I've actually remembered to count.  We have contests, sprints, prizes, and yummy food.  

It's been so amazing to be so focused.  I've been able to finish all the new chapters for The Governess that I'm hoping to release this month, November 2013.  I can't do the fancy stuff on this computer since it's different than mine, but I'll do that at home when I have a chance.  I'll be working on a new cover as well, but most likely reuse one of them, but just add some stuff.  Not really sure yet, since I'm still learning to do that myself.  I hate bothering people.  I learned some stuff about creating covers but it all still leads mainly to paying for someone to do it for you.  I'm still poor enough that I'll keep it close to home. *sigh*  But...someday... :)I'm now working diligently on Pirate Bride.  Guess what!!  It's so fun!!!  I love writing when I get to do it like this!!  I love creating stories and characters and adventures.  I'm also thrilled to compare my skills and writing and sales with other authors.  Its been a real treat to see how well I actually am doing.  It's been great incentive to keep doing what I love.  Writing!  So hang on to your britches, the stories are coming.  I'm hoping that I'll have more time again once I get home.  I'll just have to be creative and schedule time wisely. (And probably significantly shorten the length of them.)Here's to more dreams, folks!  So dream on.Hugs,Ellise  P.S.  I sure miss my family though!  Love you!

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