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Pirate Bride!

Miss Susannah Blakemore is kidnapped and sold into white slavery as payback to the Huntingtons. Will her pirate hero save her?

“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution.

Only … one was not thought of. One was not even considered. How would anyone have guessed that a descendant of a pirate would take up his old family tradition in a mad quest to regain his bitterly lost love? The Marquess of Latham will not abide by this act of violence arranged for his precious love, but will surely save her -- will he not? And will he make her the next pirate bride?

Next? There must be a first to have a 'next'. But there was another ... centuries ago ... that still walks the halls of Stonecrest Castle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Watch my journey here...

Wow! And what a journey I’ve been on. For the last nine days, I’ve been gone to a new doctor to see if he could help me with my health. You see, I’ve been slowly wasting away since chemotherapy and radiation treatments…since cancer. 

I have become one of those patients who go from doctor’s office to doctor’s office in the hope that someone—anyone—could help me. You see, the snowball effect was happening, and things were ballooning out of control. Each new year I’d have a new disease. Each new year, I'd have many more ailments. And so far, pills or surgery have been the only options made available to me. It had to stop. But at the rate I was going, it would only stop with my death, and even then, only after some long painful years in wheelchairs, bed rest, etc. At 48 years old, I really believed there was more out there for me to take advantage of in this great age of medicine. 

Well, I found it. At least, I believe that I have. Let me explain. This past week, starting on Saturday, July 26th, my sister and her husband came and picked me up and we traveled down to southern California. That Monday, the 2th through Friday, August 1st, I spent a week in Dr. Jose Antonio Calzada’s clinic. He met with me and my sister and her husband and patiently listened and wrote down my two page list of ailments. He was good and patient and funny, and we all made comments about him running out of room on his paper. But we kept going. Once the list had been exhausted, we talked some more about my emotional well-being, my spiritual well-being, and where I thought I was. Then he took a sample of blood and looked at it under a microscope. He brought it up on a computer screen so we could see it for ourselves as he explained what was happening in my blood. He was surprised at how healthy my blood looked. He said that he had thought it would look just awful. Instead, he believed I am very strong and that we could work together to get me well. He said he was surprised that my blood was not more full of problems, but he took the time to point out what was happening and why. I had already done lab work that was being processed in order to tailor my care specifically to me. 

What Dr. Calzada believes in doing is treating the whole body, mind, spirit, etc., and to do that, he has a rigorous detoxification program that he puts his patients through, while at the same time pumping them full of good stuff. I saw other cancer patients there, MS patients, Lyme Disease patients (a lot of them! And has cured one gal of the Lyme Disease!), West Nile Virus patients, and others that I have no idea what they were going through. Every day that I was there, my body was put through different therapies or detoxification processes. Each detox was completed twice. I had an ionic foot bath detox (to rid the body of toxins from organs, blot clot materials, heavy metals, etc.), which was followed up by a thorough foot massage (reflexology). It was wonderful to be treated so well and so fully. I noticed on that first day that my knees were less painful as I was going up and down stairs. Awesome! There was magnet therapy that has since helped with my painful back as well as other areas. A lymphatic massage helps to detox that system throughout the body and leaves you feeling absolutely amazing. The Chelation (pronounced KEY-LAY-SHUN) process cleanses the body’s arteries so that they can better feed the cells of the body (like a soaker hose), in turn helping you to have a healthier body at a cellular level. Also, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant IVs helped to pump a sick body full of nutrition every day. A nutritionist finds your Body Mass Index and goes through a personal eating plan for each patient geared specifically for that patient and their ailments, diseases, and what Dr. Calzada is trying to accomplish with you. He believes in an anti-inflammatory diet, which is hard and very strict, and I have yet to report on my progress there. Wish me luck! But believe me when I say, I want to be well, so I will do this. And lastly, the crux of his care is using stem cells. He showed me how a diseased body will eventually start recreating diseased cells because that is what it believes it’s supposed to do. Well, he is reversing that process by introducing new basic animal stem cells into our bodies to be duplicated and multiplied and reintroduces our bodies to health at that cellular level. No band aids! No prescriptions to cover up symptoms! Just healing so that a person can be well again! Hallelujah! 

There are also other therapies in which a person can participate, one of which I did. A thermal scan (don’t know if that’s quite right) was something they did for me because of my history with cancer. Hot spots show up (or don’t). I’ve yet to get those results back. I’m very hopeful that there were no hot spots. 

I’ve brought home with me solutions to my health issues that I hope to have the strength to incorporate and do. Pray for me not to give up during these difficult months of change. It won’t be easy, I’ve been warned. I met so many incredible people this past week who have amazing stories of recovery. That was very inspiring. It’s hard to change a diseased body to a healthy one, but I’m determined to try. I’ve always been determined. I think that has kept me alive, so far. And now my new doctor will take over. I see him again in three months. In Tijuana. 

Here’s to my journey and to yours!


Oh!  And something TOTALLY cool--the blonde gal I'm talking to (in Tijuana!) has read The Governess!  Can you believe that!  Small world...  Totally cool.  A highlight even. :)  We both couldn't believe that.  Just had to share that little tidbit... ;)  People out there are reading my books!!!!!  Way cool!

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