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Book Two in The Huntington Saga Series Novels~

Pirate Bride!

Miss Susannah Blakemore is kidnapped and sold into white slavery as payback to the Huntingtons. Will her pirate hero save her?

“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution.

Only … one was not thought of. One was not even considered. How would anyone have guessed that a descendant of a pirate would take up his old family tradition in a mad quest to regain his bitterly lost love? The Marquess of Latham will not abide by this act of violence arranged for his precious love, but will surely save her -- will he not? And will he make her the next pirate bride?

Next? There must be a first to have a 'next'. But there was another ... centuries ago ... that still walks the halls of Stonecrest Castle.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20th Blog -- The Governess

Excerpt from The Governess -- Chapter 6 continued:

Tantalizing aromas enticed her into the oversized kitchen where she excitedly introduced herself and asked if there was anything she could help with.  The cook, kitchen and scullery maids, and two footmen all stopped what they were doing and stared at her with perplexing looks upon their faces.  The two men, equal in height out of necessity for their prestigious positions in the household, nudged one another and whispered something to each other. 
Blushing, suddenly self-conscious, Carly expressed, “I hope that I have not offended anyone by entering this domain?”  Further explaining, she declared, “It was one of my favorite pastimes growing up to help Cook with whatever task I was capable of doing, and, of course, to enjoy her companionship, as well as the good smells and tasty tidbits that would certainly be divvied out.”  Hesitancy over her assumption fought to unnerve her. 
One overeager footman put her fears to rest.  All smiles, he stepped forward, offering Carly a seat at the table with the enthusiasm of a new puppy wishing for his ears to be scratched.  The other one glared at his rival’s brilliant opportunity to catch the lovely new governess’s attention.  Taking the proffered seat with relief, Carly smiled to herself, thinking it comical to be the subject of their obvious competition. 
Lord Huntington’s cook happily introduced herself after overcoming her own shock at seeing the young governess below stairs.  Instantly liking the girl for not minding her station, she said, “I am Mrs. Cooper, or May, as you are to call me from now on.”  She expressed her sincere welcome by saying, “Anytime you wish to visit, you must stop in!”  May happily thanked Carly for her compliments of last evening’s meal that Lord Huntington had evidently shared with her already.  May cheerfully showed Carly the preparations she was making for this evening’s meal. 
“I always prepare my stew the day before, allowing for all the flavors to really soak in.”  Lamb stew had been one of Carly’s father’s favorite meals, simple as it was, and Cook was even serving cornbread with freshly churned butter, just as they always had served at home.  Savoring her thoughts, she told May that she looked forward to sampling her recipe tonight, and would gladly give her requested report on the morrow of her experienced opinion in the matters of lamb stew. 
She left the kitchen by way of the outside garden door.  Following the rock walkway through herbs and flowers, she walked contentedly, counting the many varieties of plants she saw already growing this spring.  What beautifully tended gardens, and so vast and all-encompassing in variety.  Of course, most everything was not yet planted, but it was all mapped out so neatly.  “Let’s see…There’s rhubarb…I recognize that.  Asparagus, onions.  And, oh, peas!  I love peas!” Endless mixtures of herbs shimmered in a slight breeze.  Ummm…this all looks wonderful, she thought. 
Adventures for the children began in her mind.  She thought she must ask Cook if she could bring the children to see the different varieties of gardens. Maybe they could even help plant, weed, and pick some items and prepare them to eat… eventually.  Carly was sure they would be eager for this newly formed venture. 

Thank you for reading with me today!  Join me on Monday for the next blog. 

Ellise  :)

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