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Book Two in The Huntington Saga Series Novels~

Pirate Bride!

Miss Susannah Blakemore is kidnapped and sold into white slavery as payback to the Huntingtons. Will her pirate hero save her?

“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution.

Only … one was not thought of. One was not even considered. How would anyone have guessed that a descendant of a pirate would take up his old family tradition in a mad quest to regain his bitterly lost love? The Marquess of Latham will not abide by this act of violence arranged for his precious love, but will surely save her -- will he not? And will he make her the next pirate bride?

Next? There must be a first to have a 'next'. But there was another ... centuries ago ... that still walks the halls of Stonecrest Castle.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011 - BiWeekly Blog - Chapter 8 finished --

Excerpt from The Governess -- Chapter 8 continued and completed:        

    “That reminds me,” she began once more, not deterred but, in fact, encouraged at his attentive listening.  “I would like to know how often you plan to be a part of the children’s day so I can schedule accordingly.” 
            Immediately, that ever-present black cloud darkened his face.  Carly worried at what she had said to distress him so quickly.  Was it, indeed, this subject of the children that she had determined earlier to speak with him about? 
Obviously impatient, he snapped, “When I wish to see the children, I see them.” 
            Tingling sensations warned up and down her spine that she was treading dangerous ground.  Not heeding the premonition, unbidden words came from her heart, hurting for these children she had barely met.  “Do you not see your children every day then?”  Was it not her business to ask such pointed questions? 
            In a quiet, suppressed voice, he asked, “Is there a point to your probing?”  Darkness not only covered his face, but his voice as well. 
            Carly knew she needed to be careful, but could not help herself in making her position clear.  “The feelings I gathered today were that the children believe you do not want to be with them.  I cannot think of anything more painful to a child…”
            He came out of his chair so fast that it flew behind him and fell to the floor.  Squealing, Carly clutched the table in fear of him. 
“You have met my children!” he growled. 
She could see that it took great control for him not to yell at her.  “Y…yes…” she whispered cautiously. 
            Emphasizing his words carefully, he asked, “Were you not instructed to meet with them tomorrow day?”  His voice was getting louder. 
            Hitting the table with his fist, he made Carly squelch the scream that was determined to surface.  Crystal goblets tumbled, spilling their contents upon the tablecloth, the red liquid spreading across the surface. 
            “You deliberately went against my wishes!”  He was glowering down at her, accusations apparent in his eyes. 
            “I…I heard laughter coming…coming from their room and only wished to peek on them when…when they discovered me.  I…I meant no disrespect to you, my lord, but only wished to quench my own curiosity.”  Fear struggled to conquer her own anger that was building because of the ridiculousness of this confusing conversation.  How dare he be so frightening! 
Lord Huntington continued to stand, his anger apparent, chest heaving, staring down upon her.  Nervously, but angrily, she stood and faced him, the undercurrent of emotions not yet spent swarming around them. 
Quickly, before courage failed her, Carly irritably stated, “Sir, you may enjoy intimidating your servants in this household, but you will not conduct yourself as such with me.  What harm…,” she started as his fist came down again hard on the table in front of her rattling the chinaware.  This time a small yelp was audibly squelched.  “Plea…please, my lord.  You are…frightening me…” 
            Creighton swiftly moved around the edge of the table and grabbed her forearm and pulled her forward.  “So, I frighten you, do I?”  He managed a cold, humorless laugh, his eyes bitter. 
            Her breathing was coming incredibly fast now as she whispered, “Y…yes.  P…please let go of me.” 
Standing, glaring down at her, he watched her eyes as they grew more terrified.   Her emotion pulled at his conscience which only managed to stoke his anger more.  Why did she cause these feelings of guilt in him?  This is her fault! he grasped at the thought in his mind, trying to justify his anger.  It had been his experience that ladies always played innocent, all the time knowing their deceit.  Yet somehow she was different.  There was no pretense about her.  As he quickly mulled this discovery over in his head, he knew that he had known this right from the beginning.    
With her free hand, she tried to release herself by prying at his strong fingers wrapped around her arm. 
His anger grew. 
Immediately seizing her other arm and drawing her to him hard, he heatedly whispered, “Do you think that because you are a beautiful woman, you will have your way in my household?”  Inches from her face, he angrily commanded, “You will obey me!”  Releasing her suddenly, he pushed as she fell backward against the table.  Both were breathing hard from the intensity of the passion associated with their cause. 
Stepping forward, Carly slapped him soundly across the face, the sound echoing throughout the great room.  As soon as she had done it, she regretted it, for the tempest that crossed his countenance was fierce, indeed.  As the red handprint swelled upon his left cheek, she faltered, saying, “You…have no right…” 
Grabbing both arms, binding them behind her and holding her to his chest, Creighton growled to her face, “You are playing a dangerous game, miss!  You are on the edge!” 
            An image of his dead wife briefly went through Carly’s mind’s eye.  Immediately thrusting it aside, she heatedly challenged, “So this is all a game to you, is it?  ‘Let us see if the new governess will last the week?’” 
            Shaking her with exasperation, then pulling her securely to him again, thrilling angrily at her nearness, he roared, “Do you wish to lose before you have even begun?  I should send you from my house tonight!” 
            Interrupting vehemently, she quickly cried out, “Then I have no fear of asking you this!  Tell me.  As you busily control everything around you, do you consider the presence of your dear children in your grand house?  Do you reflect upon them?  Or is that too much a bother?  Do you, sir, even love your children?” 
His white teeth clenched together, seething in rage. 
“Is it so hard for you to look upon their little faces?  What is so wrong with my having met them ahead of your precious schedule?”  A tear escaped and found its way down her cheek. 
Her emotion was too much for him. 
Shoving her from him, he caused her to catch herself against the table as he shouted, “You know nothing of my situation!  Leave me now!”  Turning his back on her, he howled furiously as he hastily stalked over to the huge, vertical dark window, throwing his arms against the wooden panels.  
A reflection of anguish could clearly be seen upon his face.
Trembling violently from their heated exchange, Carly wiped at the tears coursing down her face and tried gaining some restraint over frenzied emotions.  Something especially disturbing was going on in this house and at the heart of it was this man and his children. 
A strange sensation began at that moment to gather in her chest, a feeling of compassion to fix what was amiss, mend hearts that had been broken, or at the very least, desperately hurting. 
Watching Lady Blakemore’s reflection retreat in the window as she hastily exited the room, Creighton bowed his head and shook it, then growling, hit the wall with his fist.  She had enraged him, but he rebuked himself for how he had treated her. 
Hearing his continued anger as she exited, she swiftly ran towards her chambers, her skirts swirling behind her.  Shocked over what had just occurred, Carly wondered if Lord Huntington would follow her, banishing her from his home this very night. 
He was a brute to handle her in such a manner!  Never in her life had she experienced a man’s anger such as this.  It was startling! 
Carly wondered if she was equivalent to the task at hand, the fear of this great man growing more in her heart. 

Oh la la!  Something's going on here...right?!?  Hope you enjoyed today's tidbit.  Join me this Friday to see how this ends!

Have a great day!
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