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Book Two in The Huntington Saga Series Novels~

Pirate Bride!

Miss Susannah Blakemore is kidnapped and sold into white slavery as payback to the Huntingtons. Will her pirate hero save her?

“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution.

Only … one was not thought of. One was not even considered. How would anyone have guessed that a descendant of a pirate would take up his old family tradition in a mad quest to regain his bitterly lost love? The Marquess of Latham will not abide by this act of violence arranged for his precious love, but will surely save her -- will he not? And will he make her the next pirate bride?

Next? There must be a first to have a 'next'. But there was another ... centuries ago ... that still walks the halls of Stonecrest Castle.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011 - BiWeekly Blog - The Governess -- Chapter 11 continued --

Excerpt from The Governess -- Chapter 11 continued (and revised):

Creighton had been angry upon finding that Lady Blakemore had not taken an escort with her into the village.  Remembering that he had not requested this of her, he had been shocked that he would have to.  Of all things, she had walked the three miles!  He was angered further when he realized that he had inadvertently forgotten to inform her of the recent dangers in their region.  Bent upon keeping her safe, he was determined to find and escort her back himself. 
Upon his approach, and unseen by Lady Blakemore, he watched as she lifted her skirts through the tall grasses weaving through the trees to the secluded meadow.  What was she doing?  He sat upon his steed silently watching as she, thinking she was alone, released her glorious hair and spun around in the meadow as if there was not another soul in the world. 
In awe of this young lady’s wholesome, tireless beauty, he squirmed uncomfortably, feeling guilty for invading her privacy.  But she was magnificent!  A frown creased his brow as he clenched his jaw, the muscles working in his concentration.  He must control his appreciation of her!  Barely hearing her happy laughter, his heartstrings pulled and tugged as he continued to watch her in amazement.  He struggled with the thought of leaving here before she knew he watched her, yet he knew he could not depart, leaving her unattended.  His frustration grew as he watched her fine curves, her silken-soft hair that gleamed deep auburn in the sunshine.  
When Carly had finished replenishing her spirit in the meadow, she tranquilly walked back through the trees to the road.  Stooping to pick another flower, her hair fell gloriously around her.  As she stood again, she noticed for the first time that Lord Huntington was astride his horse watching her.  Dismayed at finding him waiting for her, and suddenly reminded again of the gossip in the village, Carly abruptly stopped any action, taken aback with worry.  Lord Huntington’s expression did not alleviate her concerns. 
“Am I in trouble?” she cautiously queried. 
Impatiently, he growled, “You immediately jump to that conclusion?” 
“It seems appropriate since you are scowling at me.” 
Aggravated by her conclusion, Lord Huntington jumped down from his horse.  Stalking over to her, she stepped backward as he drew nearer.  “I am not going to hurt you!” 
“Well, how am I supposed to know that?  You seem angry with me.  What have I done?” 
Looking down upon her, controlling his urge to touch her glistening hair, he gruffly stated, “I failed to inform you that you must always take an escort with you when you are about.” 
Confused at his concern, which contrasted greatly with the tittle-tattle of town, Carly asked, “Why?” 
Sighing heavily, he explained with annoyance, “We have had trouble in… Dunfordshire.  Kidnappings… and such.”  He sighed in his explanation, “I only want you to be…protected.” 
“Oh.  I did not know.”  Carly felt humbled.  She recognized, now, his expression of growing concern that must be genuine. She had automatically assumed it was anger. 
Suddenly taking her hand and threading it through his arm, he pulled her towards his horse, none too gently, causing her to spill her flowers. 
“My lord!” she exclaimed in shock. Concern or not, she was still wary of him!
“I will escort you back home myself,” was all he offered as explanation. 
Exasperated, she said, “I am quite capable of walking, sir!” 
“As you have shown,” he grumbled. 
As if she were a feather, he took hold of her waist and quickly lifted her up into his saddle.  Temporarily, her hair fell about his face and shoulders, her fragrant tresses stimulating something dormant in him.  Dizzying…satisfying…
Carly was fighting her own battle of emotions at being so near him.  The sudden pleasure of his strong muscled shoulders under her palms unsettled her, his masculine scent stirring.  His strong hands pressed around her waist had almost been too much for her.  Flustered, Carly insisted, “Please let me down at once!” 
Their eyes met.  Scolding.  Scorching.  Tantalizing... 
Removing his hands from her tiny waist, and pulling her skirt down modestly into place around her ankles, singeing her face with further color, he again looked up and, because of her discomfort, found humor with the situation.  With barely a visible twitch to his lips, he calmly explained, “You are my responsibility, Lady Blakemore.” 
His amazing voice flushed her face more than it already had been.
“I take responsibility for you quite seriously.” 
Carly’s nervous hand quickly smoothed her bodice where he had only just released her.  She shivered.  And what all would that responsibility entail? she thought worriedly.  He was awfully strong, as she had only just witnessed. 
And strong! 
"Oh my!" Carly bit her lip to silence herself.  Didn't I just say that? she scolded. 
But he was!  
And big...and...very capable of doing her much harm!  Was she really that wicked and harsh to think so badly of him?  Would she really consider local gossip her source of information about such an impressive man?  She did not have answers…
He had just come to her ‘supposed’ aid, after all…
Agitatedly, Lord Huntington swiftly stepped from her taking hold of the reins impatiently to begin the journey to Huntington Manor in silence.  She wondered at his strange mood.  So complicated and…well, moody! 
Carly could find nothing further to say in the silent moment.  Grasping at the saddle horn as they moved forward, Carly controlled her vexation. 
If she hadn’t been so annoyed, his concern for her would have been appreciated—just like his shoulders—the object of her attention all the way home. 

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